Hector Werios ART

Photo - Hector Werios

"The vibrant ambience of the city of Dublin and its environs lure you in, captivate you and promise a delightful treat for the eyes around every corner. The area exudes an atmosphere of welcome and friendliness that comforts the soul, and this we sought to capture as we dashed from one snapshot to the next. Armed with a trusty camera and two willing accomplices we chase those elusive moments, those perfect pieces of time preserved within the snapping of a lens. Hektor turned out to be a real treasure hunter, reading the scenes, the light, the motion around us like a map to hidden jewels. His keen eyes saw not only us, our faces or forms, but also the buildings, houses, trees, clouds and faces in the crowd. He knew how to take them and emblazon us against the fragments of Dublins rich tapestry of backgrounds to achieve a perfect harmonious backdrop. The very heartbeat of the city swept us away and we captured each split second, one snap of the lens at a time, each a perfect heartbeat which will last forever. Together we managed to keep a moment  from running away..."


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