Hector Werios ART

Wedding reportage and outdoor artistic photography session by Hektor Werios


The reportage includes photographs from

  • early morning preparations (make-up, hairdresser, putting on the veil, etc.)

  • the blessing, wedding ceremony

  • the reception (till late)

(Continuous coverage of your wedding day from bridal preparations until late)

The amount of wedding reception photographs depend on the number of guests and their involvement in the wedding celebration

(I am not limited by the particular amount of photographs)

On average, the reportage photo album contains a set of photos from 450 to infinity ;)

The size of picture you get is 30x20 and 300DPI

Outdoor Photography (a photo session)

This is a daylong session which usually ends at a late-night hour.

A day after your wedding day is chosen and it is divided into three parts.

  • first part – mostly portrait photography
  • second part – a mutual conception of photos. A location from your natural environment or your favourite place is chosen: at the seaside, in the mountains, in the city, in the wood, on the roof ;) etc, etc… and the photo session begins!
  • third partnight shots and interior photography session

If you are feeling uncomfortable about modelling in front of the camera, you can trust me – I will lead you by the hand ;)

The outdoor shots are created in colour, monochrome, black and white and sepia toning, depending on the compositions.

You receive the exterior photos in size 30x20, 300DPI

(there is also the possibility of wall display photography)

All wedding reportage and outdoor photos are professionally colour corrected and if it is necessary retouched.

You receive all the photographs on CD

Negotiable price

A photo album can be created at an extra charge

The wedding reportage with a photo session abroad or only photo session abroad - to be agreed

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